Taking the complexity out of paying for travel on public transport

Becotix combines location technology and an intelligent back office with the functionality of your passengers’ smart phones.

Our approach enables operators to implement account based ticketing without the need for a contactless reader. It delivers efficiency and flexibility for operators and a frictionless, secure experience for passengers.

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Becotix Benefits

Becotix touchless ticketing provides all the benefits of smart card and contactless systems, without the cost and technical complexity.

Customer satisfaction

Increase passenger numbers by removing the barriers to travel and ensuring best value pricing.

Operational advantage

Improve efficiency, profitability and ease of use by simplifying payments and taking cash out of the system.

Reduced costs

Reduce the cost of operating and maintaining ticketing systems by moving all the complexity into the back office.


Mobility as a Service

Implement innovative ticketing products and pave the way for Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Better data

Make route planning and timetabling decisions based on accurate end-to-end journey data.

Marketing options

Personalise communication with your customers through direct marketing and customised travel plans.


Transport expertise combined with smarter technology

Becotix technology makes customer journey data accessible and usable.

Our system uses advances in IoT and consumer devices to capture journey events in real time.

Our intelligent back office functionality provides best fare calculations and enhanced travel data for planning and marketing.

There are four key differences between Becotix and other “smart ticketing” solutions on the market.

  • We remove the need for the customer to decide which ticket they should buy - they can simply travel and be confident that they will be charged the best value price for their journey.
  • Our equipment is low cost, simple to install and maintain and has a tiny footprint. There are no complicated, expensive readers to install, update and maintain.
  • PCI compliance and security are managed in the back office - there is no need to roll this out to on board equipment.
  • Our technology integrates into ITSO back offices and existing infrastructure. We are also developing an open data API.

Our infrastructure offers the additional benefit of being able to support other applications - opening up additional marketing and revenue opportunities for the operator.

Find out more about our current projects in our blog.

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Leadership Team

Experts in transport systems, software architecture and digital product managment, we're a team with a shared passion for solving the mobility challenges of the future.


Andy Nash

Andy has 35 years of technical and leadership experience in logistics and transport. Frustrated by the lack of flexibility in existing systems and the obstacles faced by the travelling public, he set up Becotix to overcome these problems.


Craig Pickles

Craig comes from a number of senior technical development and architecture roles working with global names in ecommerce and SaaS. Craig's passion for innovation and problem solving is central to the success of the Becotix solution.


Mel Kanarek

Mel specialises in marketing and business growth for technology companies, particularly start-ups and fast growing, entrepreneurial organisations. She has worked across a wide range of sectors and with public sector bodies.

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